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Buy The "Relief Box" - $59,999.00

If renting isn't for you, then you can buy the Relief Box!  At one end of the container is a full bathroom with bathtub, sink, heat lamp and ample storage space.  On the other end is a master suite large enough for a queen bed!  In between is the kitchen, living room, dining room and a bonus room that can be used as a bunk suite for the kids or office space for an adjuster dispatched on short term or long term CAT duty.

Similar to an RV, large capacity freshwater and waste water tanks have been built into the unit with a custom designed monitoring system that allows you to know the water levels in each tank with the push of a button.  The mini-split air condition unit is quiet and efficient and can be controlled anywhere in the unit with the remote control.

LED lighting was used throughout the unit and GFI outlets have been appropriately placed in both the kitchen and bathroom, and at the exterior of the home.  The living room, bonus room and master suite all have USB outlets installed to easily charge any of your USB devices.


Tiny House For Sale - $39,999.00

Tiny House For Sale - $39,999.00

Buy "The Bear" - $39,999.00 (THIS UNIT IS SOLD!!!)

Appropriately named "The Bear", Modern Container Concepts built a tiny house from the "box" up... out of a standard 20' shipping container. The tiny house itself has been designed to run on grid, or off grid and is essentially a turnkey, furnished, tiny house. It would be great for those in immediate need of a home; or as a second home, guest house, detached office, man cave, or j ust about anything else you can think of. 

Because of the livable square footage of the tiny house, it is likely under the minimum square footage that would require a permit in the city or county you live in. Similar to an RV, it has in-unit fresh water and waste water storage tanks that will need to be serviced. If you are located outside of Arizona, it can be very easily shipped via flat bed truck and dropped in place.