Temporary Housing From Modern Container Concepts

Modern Container Concepts is an innovative, full service temporary housing company based in Arizona that custom builds temporary housing out of re-purposed shipping containers.  In addition to the container homes, their temporary housing fleet also includes travel trailer rental and RV rentals.  The firm’s temporary housing units are great for a number of situations:

  1. Owners displaced because of an insurance claim.
  2. Adjusters dispatched on CAT duty.
  3. Remote construction sites like the mines, oil fields or pipeline locations.
  4. Countless other temporary housing needs.

Shipping containers are said to be the strongest modular structures on earth and are made out of the world’s most recycled product, steel.  Modern Container Concepts understands that the need for temporary housing is not typically planned and can be stressful on the person or family being relocated.  It is because of this that the team has gone to great lengths during the design phase to ensure the custom built temporary housing units and that their fleet of trailers and RVs feel like a home for the duration of the lease.

Modern Container Concepts is very familiar with the insurance claims process, additional living expenses (ALE), Xactimate estimating software and the dynamics involved with the immediate need for safe, comfortable, temporary housing.  Our temporary housing solutions can be rented and dispatched almost immediately.  If you are person or company looking for a custom temporary housing solution, custom builds are available.


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